Bronwyn’s Marine Aquarium

Bronwyn asked if was it possible to build a marine aquarium and contain all the equipment inside a cabinet underneath the tank. Well yes, with some careful planning it sure is.
The cabinet is constructed with marine grade ply and all inside edges silicon sealed. The glass sump is built to hold the Deltec protein skimmer nitrate and phosphate filters as well as a space to grow seaweed under red and blue LED lights. Temperature is controlled with an air-sealed-in-cabinet water chiller. That means none of the warm air from the chiller gets into the cabinet.
Bronwyn’s Mission Bay tropical marine fish tank is lit with full spectrum LED lighting and monitored and controlled with an Aquatronica computer system.
It is now 12 months old and the corals and fish are looking awesome. Bronwyn has enjoyed many delightful hours watching the inhabitants take pleasure in their marine aquarium.