Meet the New Team Members

Meet the New Team Members

As some of you may know last month Sam left Red Fish Blue Fish to pursue a career with NIWA and start his masters degree in marine biology. We wish him the very best in his career

So this month we have two new team members Arne and Matt. Arne is primarily going to be working on aquariums and Matt primarily on ponds.



Arne is originally from Belgium and holds a Masters Degree in Agricultural Engineering that includes fish farming, designing large scale ponds and breeding catfish. Fish keeping has always been a passion of Arne’s and he’s been seeking opportunities to rekindle that passion both in his hobby life and business life.

Arne spent most of his career in the navigation industry but he has finally found his way back to his life long passion of aquatics. He is an avid breeder of goldfish, fancy goldfish and some tropical fish.




Matt is from the Waikato region and will be covering our work here in Auckland as well as Tauranga, Hamilton, Cambridge, Matamata, Waikato and the surrounding areas. He is very passionate about all things aquatic and an accomplished breeder of many large South American Cichlid fish. He is known to turn any container large or small into either a pond or an fish tank! Matt is a very practical person and is well suited to the pond construction and pond maintenance side of Red Fish Blue Fish. He is an experienced operator of large machinery including diggers. And we love digging ponds!