Fish Ponds and Garden Water Features

Garden pond design, construction, cleaning, maintenance and troubleshooting

Bringing the tranquility of water to your outdoor living spaces. We specialise in the design and installation of fish ponds and water features for homes and businesses. We also provide garden pond maintenance and troubleshooting service including advice on how to keep your water and your fish healthy.

retention pond on lifestyle block with sprinkler water feature


We specialise in garden pond design for homes and businesses bringing the tranquillity of water to your outdoor living spaces.

Skilful planting allows us to recreate the wetland profiles found in nature. Swathes of sedges, aquatic plants and fish-life will allow nature’s filtering process to be undertaken. Removing the need for harsh chemicals means your fish pond always looks and smells fresh.

We design both large and small aquatic ecosystems to suit the unique size and shape of your site.

fish pond with water feature near house


We can turn your water garden into reality.  Either we can design your home or business water feature, or base it on your original ideas.

Our garden ponds, waterfalls, and fountains are beautiful, natural aqua-scapes.  We work hard to ensure there is no sign of power leads, pipes or pumps.  As a result, all you see in your pond is water, rocks, and plants (and fish if required).

We can also repair, refurbish, and bring back to life existing ponds.

fish ponds NZ


As well as looking totally natural, the way we build our fish ponds and the products we use makes them easier to maintain. Many fish pond owners prefer to get RedFish BlueFish to do it, however.

We will create a maintenance schedule for your water garden.  So you don’t need to be concerned about it – we will turn up at regular intervals and maintain your pond. This might include: partial water changes, cleaning of filters and filter media, plant pruning, sludge and debris removal, water quality maintenance and the removal and treatment of algae.

Water feature installation


If you have a garden pond that is not looking or smelling as it should, give RedFish BlueFish a call.  We will come over and analyse, diagnose and fix the problem with your pond.

Our troubleshooting services include, water testing, algae control, everything you need to keep your garden pond clean, clear and sparkling.