Garden Pond and Aquarium Services

RedFish BlueFish specialise in aquatic ecosystems design, build and maintenance – water gardens, fish ponds, water features, fountains, and aquariums.

That means we design, construct, maintain and refurbish garden ponds, garden water features, outdoor fish ponds, swim ponds, and natural pools for homes and businesses.

We also design and build aquariums and fish tanks of any size and will provide an ongoing cleaning and maintenance to ensure your aquarium is always clean and sparkling clear. Or, perhaps you would rather lease an aquarium for your home or office and leave all the cleaning and maintenance up to us.



We design all types, shapes and sizes of aquatic ecosystems including: fish ponds, water gardens, garden ponds, water features (streams, waterfalls, fountains, etc.), natural swimming pools or swimming ponds, and freshwater and saltwater aquariums / fish tanks.

Mbuna Cichlids fishtank


We take the hard work out of owning a pond, water feature or aquarium. Our team will come to your place to maintain your garden feature or aquarium so that it always looks its best. Or, if you want to do it yourself, we provide a phone, email or onsite consultation service – just give us a call.

Aquarium Leasing & Servicing


We lease and service both fresh water and saltwater aquariums.  Our aquariums are high-quality precision cut-glass frames and come in almost any size.  When installing an aquarium into your home or office, we take careful note of the room’s décor so that our tanks look as natural as possible. We also provide a full maintenance schedule so your tank remains healthy and clean.

Fish Pond With Bridge


Whether we design your home or business water feature, or whether you have your own ideas, we can turn your water garden into reality.

We design and install both natural water features and ponds and architecturally designed aqua-scapes to match your property’s design.

From garden ponds, to garden streams, waterfalls, fountains, etc., our water features are beautiful and thriving aqua-scapes. We work hard to ensure there is no sign of power leads, pipes, pumps – all you see in your pond is water, rocks, pebbles and plants (and fish if required). And we understand that ponds and water features need regular maintenance, so we design and build with easy maintenance in mind.

We can also repair, refurbish, and bring back to life existing ponds and water features.