What Our Customers Think

We believe the best advertisement for our quality pond and aquarium design and installation services is to let you know what some of our existing customers say.

Here are a few of the many testimonials we’ve received from satisfied RedFish BlueFish customers.

Red Fish Blue Fish has been servicing our water fountain for over a year. The entire team has been second to none.

We get a personally written email each time before their visit notifying us of their scheduled service visit. Then their service technician always visits on the time/day promised. The service is prompt, reliable, thorough & professional. When we email them with questions and/or special requests, they are always answered promptly and politely.

We will be lost without their service. We absolutely recommend them.

Richard P.

Thank you for arranging the fish. They have settled in – swimming around the pond like crazy fish, I think they love their new home.
And Thank you for the wonderful service from Red Fish Blue Fish.

Denyse F.

“Getting a tradesman who takes pride in his work , shows up when he says he will , and gives practical advice to boot ; is all any customer really wants. Arne of Red Fish Blue Fish is one of these professionals. Sadly they are becoming rarer by the day. Great work , great service & reasonably priced too.

I totally recommend him & his service.”

Kevin Simms, Performance Management

“We have been using Red Fish Blue Fish for the last three years and their service has been exceptional, always on time, all is tidied up after our tank service, friendly polite staff, we recommend Red Fish Blue Fish unreservedly to other customers”.

John Boone - Director, Rhythm Interactive

“Red Fish Blue Fish is one of the best aquarium installation and maintenance companies in New Zealand if not THE best. I have dealt with them in a professional capacity for many years and have found them very professional, technically competent and able deliver on even the most challenging aquatic displays. I have no hesitation in referring work to them as I do on occasion and I know that my referred clients are in good hands.”

David Cooper, Aquatics tutor and aquarium industry consultant

“John re-modeled our old fish tank from plastic plants and castles to rocks, living plants and a large variety of fish. The difference is absolutely amazing and talked about enthusiastically by many of our clients. The aquarium is situated in our conference room where we can enjoy the peaceful aspect of the fish swimming around.

We highly recommend John and his efficient and pleasant crew as they give a great service.”

Kay Fenwick, Bella Consultants

“We all love the fish and everyday someone comments on how lovely the aquarium looks. Great work!”

Dr Scott Waghorn - Dentist, Dental Care West

“The two aquariums we have here give us two different outcomes. The one in the dementia unit is excellent for the resident’s interaction with the staff and visitors. They also have a sense of ownership as they help to feed the fish. Having the aquarium here has seen a reduction in challenging behavior. It is a soothing, calm and colourful addition to the unit.

The aquarium in the hospital is a specific feature of the entrance area where visitors can see we have an environment for children as well as patients. Everybody appears to enjoy the calming ambience that the fish provide”

Mary McKegg, Facility Manager, Oceania Group

“The courtyard looks GREAT. You and your team have done a sterling job and the whole area looks so much nicer now… it certainly will inspire us to keep it neat and tidy.”

Anna Woodroffe, talking about her courtyard pond which we revitalised

“Every chance I get I pop in here to look at the beautiful fish, it’s very lovely for all the old people.”

Patricia, Resident at Wesley Village Rest Home