RedFish BlueFish Gazette – Summer 2023/2024

From all of us at Red Fish Blue Fish, wishing you a joyful festive season. Happy Holidays!

Does your pond have a pump and filtration system

Does Your Pond Have a Healthy Heart?

Does your pond have a pump and filtration system? A pond pump performs the same function as a heart. It pushes dirty water into the filter which catches waste and debris, allowing for the water to flow clear back into the pond.

If the pump is a heart, the filter is like a liver. The flow of water back into the pond also provides the necessary disturbance for oxygen to dissolve into the water. A pond with sufficient aeration will lead to happy, healthy fish and clear water.

Tetras are schooling dither fish

Aquarium Feature Fish - Tetras

Tetras refers to a large variety of small schooling fish originating primarily from South America. There are many different species with different sizes and colours, and most will be fully grown between 5 – 8cm in length.

Tetras are dither fish, meaning that their schooling behaviour helps other fish in the tank feel reassured that there are no predators nearby. If you have shy fish in your community aquarium who spend a lot of time hiding, adding a school of a species of tetra may help to bring them out into the open.

Pond plants provide an excellent spawning ground for fish

Flower Power

Summer is now well and truly upon us. Many pond and water feature dwelling plants react to the rising summer temperatures by growing and showing off their beautiful flowers.

Water Lillies, for instance, can give radiant shades of yellow, pink, and white flowers, whilst also providing protection from the sun and predators for your fish. Less light in the pond will also reduce algae growth.

Many more varieties of pond plants will flower in spring and summer, bringing a touch of purple, blue and many more colours to the pond environment. Moreover, often plants like these will provide an excellent spawning ground for fish. If you would like to add some colour to your pond or water feature, flowering plants are the way to go.

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